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At Telemondo we offer a world of wholesale VoIP services to a variety of business segments. Our current main solutions include A-Z VoIP and SMS Termination, VoIP SIP Origination, IP-PBX.

An exceptionally unique calling and messaging quality tailored to you

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Adaptive Routing

Our platform continuously monitors multiple available routes for delivering messages, and selects the best route based on real-time, relative performance data of each route.

Outbound Network

One platform with greatest geographical reach to over 1,600 carriers across the globe.

Voice Quality Engine

Rich, reliable, and low latency voice calling, enabling you to build modern enterprise communications customized for any app, website or voice-based communications system.

Messaging Quality Engine

A rules engine backed by our global, direct-to-carrier network ensures you receive the best deliverability.


best-in-class call
quality, redundancy and
unlimited capacity

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strong strategic
partnerships with over
90 Tier-1 telecoms


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What makes our range of services stand out?

Telemondo has years of experience deploying and maintaining VoIP termination networks in any virtually possible scenario; challenging environments, packet loss, jitter, latency, earthquakes causing high network congestions and more. We’ve been there, done that.

Our network is expansive and reliable, which allows us to offer our core VoIP services: wholesale VoIP termination service and carrier-grade voice origination. Whatever your company’s voice communication needs, Telemondo has a solution that fits.

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A state-of-the-art IBX centre in Europe's key metropolitan area by Equinix International Business Exchange

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